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Beauty Expo USA, Inc. was established in 1997 to become one of the first Asian American hair and beauty supply trade shows in the United States. The founders envisioned a meeting place where vendors could introduce their newest products and store owners could enjoy one stop shopping. Soon thereafter, Beauty Expo USA became more than a trade show. It became a forum for exchanging ideas, discussing issues, and learning from each other. Over 200 manufacturing and wholesale companies exhibited products and 3,000 people attended the two-day show. The show was continuously held in Las Vegas at resorts like Riviera, Hilton, Rio, and Bally's.

In 2015, the show was first held in the Midwest at Hyatt Regency O'Hare in Chicago. Beauty Expo USA is a show people do not want to miss. It is where the best products in the industry are displayed and high volume purchases are made. Known as a meeting place for prestigious associations, it is a great opportunity to meet the leaders in the hair and beauty supply industry. Also famous for its invaluable seminars, attendants can learn the current and future business trends.

Beauty Expo USA will soon be celebrating its 20th Anniversary. In preparation for entering the second decade, Beauty Expo USA, Inc. has joined hands with BIX International. This partnership will bring the world and the participants of Beauty Expo USA closer together. It will become an international trade show with enhanced seminars and dynamic networking outlets. At the same time, Beauty Expo USA will maintain its personal touch. The past nineteen years were made possible by the strong support of loyal participants.

Beauty Expo USA together with BIX International will make the utmost effort to provide a quality show and care for each and every participant of the show.

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